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Move over Botox

There’s another way to diminish the lines between your eyebrows, known as glabellar lines. Jeuveau relaxes those lines, improving more than appearance.

Deep glabellar lines do more than just make people look older. They can make them appear angry when they are not. That’s why they are better known as frown lines. Frown lines result when the tissue between the eyebrows gathers into a fold. Over time, these lines give people a look of constant anger or sadness. Who wants that? At Allura MedSpa + Wellness we strive to deliver the best Jeuveau Boynton beach has to offer. Jeuveau treatments performed by our expert injectors offer you versatile solutions to keep your face looking flawless.

What is Jeuveau?

Like Botox, Jeuveau is a botulinum toxin A injection.

It’s a new, purely aesthetic form, winning FDA approval in 2019 for its manufacturer, Evolus. Botox contains onabotulinumtoxinA, while Jeuveau contains prabotulinumtoxinA. Jeuveau’s hashtag status is #NEWTOX.

Jeveau works by blocking the nerve signals to the muscles in the target area. This causes nerve muscles to stop contracting. The lack of contraction during facial movements makes skin look plump and smoother.

How do I know if Jeuveau is right for me?

If you are tired of those deep “elevens” between your eyes, consider trying Jeuveau. It is specifically designed to treat moderate to severe frown lines.

If you have used Botox for a considerable length of time, you may want to try Jeuveau. Perhaps your Botox results aren’t what they once were. Switching formulations might provide a better, longer-lasting outcome. Jeuveau is currently FDA-approved only for glabellar line treatments.

Additional Reading

A doctor may treat lines around the eyes or mouth with Jeuveau in an off-label capacity, but Botox or other therapies may prove the better choice. Jeuveau is not recommended for people with cardiovascular disease. Let the doctor know about any other medications taken, whether prescription or over-the-counter. Jeuveau may interact with muscle relaxants. Those allergic to any substances found in Jeuveau, including human serum albumin, are not candidates for these injections. Postpone your session if dealing with a skin infection in the target site. Women who are pregnant or nursing should not use Jeuveau.

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Jeuveau Procedure

Your skin should be clean and free from makeup or creams prior to Jeuveau injections. A numbing cream is applied before the fine needle injections take place. The injection procedure generally takes about 15 minutes.

Jeuveau Recovery

There is no recovery time necessary for Jeuveau. It’s fine to schedule a session during your lunch hour or after work. Avoid scrubbing the targeted area vigorously for at least 24 hours. Wait at least three days before undergoing other facial therapies, such as laser or skin tightening.

Jeuveau Results

Jeuveau results are not immediate. It may take two or three weeks to see the full effects. However, many of our Boynton beach Jeuveau patients notice the benefits in just days. Jeuveau provides patients with a more natural look than some of its competitors. Keep in mind that neurotoxin injections are never permanent. The nerve cells eradicated in the treatment areas eventually grow back. With Jeuveau, you may need less frequent touch-ups. Once you’re on a regular treatment schedule, you will likely find you can go longer between sessions.

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Jeuveau FAQs

Will Jeuveau hurt?

Normal discomfort from any fine-needle injections may occur. A numbing cream applied by the injector should minimize any pain.

What are the risks?

Rare but serious side effects are possible with Jeuveau. Some patients may find their eyelids drooping. Get medical help immediately if experiencing difficulty swallowing, speaking, or breathing.

How much does Jeuveau cost?

Jeuveau costs less than competitors such as Botox or Dysport. You will receive comprehensive pricing as part of your consultation.

Does my insurance cover Jeuveau?

Because Jeuveau is a cosmetic procedure, insurance will not cover it. Although Botox has a variety of medical uses, including the treatment of migraines and excessive sweating, Evolus decided not to pursue medical approval for Jeuveau.

What's the difference between Jeuveau and Botox?

Both products contain botulinum toxin A. They differ in that Jeuveau targets frown lines while Botox is used for other types of wrinkles. Patients report that results appear faster with Jeuveau than Botox.

How long is recovery?

There is no downtime with Jeuveau. Patients can resume their normal activities after injections.

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