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Have An Asymmetrical Face? Consider Facial Contouring and Balancing
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Evelyn Rodriguez, RN | 10/20/2020

Since the face is typically the first part of a person that gets noticed, many often take time to ensure they look their best. Understandably, many men and women will often look to aesthetic treatments to help them look younger, have a better complexion, and achieve the beautiful appearance they’re looking for.

To better serve our Boynton Beach, FL patients, we offer a number of services to help our patients achieve the appearance they’re looking for. At Allura MedSpa + Wellness, we offer facial contouring procedures to help our clients have a symmetrical face and complete facial balance. We want you to look as great as you feel, and we are here to help!

How can I achieve facial balance?

There are a lot of reasons someone may feel like their face looks unbalanced. It could be a genetic feature, like hollow cheeks, lines and wrinkles due to age, or just something about yourself that has always bugged you. With the line of injectable fillers we offer at Allura MedSpa + Wellness, facial balancing and getting a symmetrical face without surgery is very possible.

What injectable fillers will fix my asymmetrical face?

Many of the facial injectables we offer can be performed on your lunch break and require little downtime. While some fillers are meant to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, others can be used to plump up volume in the lips and cheeks, or even reduce fat in areas like the chin. Below is a list of common procedures that will help give your profile a balanced and contoured look.

  • Wrinkle relaxers: Wrinkle relaxers like BOTOX® and Dysport® are used to reduce fine lines and wrinkles often caused by repeated use of the muscles, like laughing, smiling, and frowning. The reduced signs of wrinkles help our patients look younger and have a smoother complexion.
  • Dermal fillers: Dermal fillers are used for facial contouring because they provide the benefit of adding volume to areas, like the lips or cheeks, that have lost volume due to age, or where you’d just like to add volume for a better appearance. Our collection of JUVÉDERM® and Restylane® dermal fillers, among others, are state-of-the-art treatments that can fill in lines and wrinkles, plump up the lips, or add extra volume to the cheeks for a nice full appearance.
  • KYBELLA®: KYBELLA is an FDA-approved treatment we provide to our patients, both male and female, who are looking to reduce the appearance of a double chin. Whether caused by genetics or weight fluctuations, KYBELLA can help eliminate this stubborn fat that is often hard to get rid of on its own.

What treatments can complement my new look?

Once you’ve gotten the contoured look you were going for, you may want to complement it with another nonsurgical treatment to help you maintain your new youthful and stunning appearance. Our skin rejuvenation treatments, like Morpheus8™ radiofrequency microneedling and skin tightening, can help fight signs of aging by keeping your face firm and toned. Facial care treatments, like the HydraFacial® and VI peel, can help address pigmentation and texture issues for a silky smooth face.

If you have any questions about how to best achieve your desired look or what to do to maintain your new look, we are here to help you customize a one-of-a-kind treatment plan. For more information on all the services we offer at Allura MedSpa + Wellness, contact our Boynton Beach, FL Office. We can’t wait to help you get the look you’ve been dreaming of!

There are many “medspas” in South Florida, but here’s only one Allura MedSpa + Wellness. Our highly certified medical professionals ensure that your treatments deliver medically sound and beautiful aesthetic results. At the same time, our luxurious private salon suites offer you the relaxing comfort and decadence of a high-end spa day. Schedule a consultation today to discover why Allura MedSpa + Wellness truly lives up to its name.